Tuesday, June 22, 2010

like an annoying orange

This is damn annoying but i believe i spent too much time for bpharm and came up with a too detailed report. DAMN IT. To think i was so happy with the end product D:

Got back two papers. Not shocked by the bpharm results, it was expectedly bad ): I really do dislike that subject. Bphar, mbio, mgen ,chemistry, pipc ~ all the subjects i find bleurgh. There's just certain subjects that i cant grasp hold off and that annoys me alot now.
VPM was okay, it was an A but i expected more than the marks i got, yep but steady progress, i'm heading towards the direction i'm supposed to be going.

That apart, i really do like Miss Desilva alot. I find her spunky and with a cynic kind of humour plus she's really nice to give us sweets and chocolates still, even though we're no longer kids.

Lastly, i think my brain's getting a bit overworked. All the thoughts that run through my head all the time, all the pressure i'm giving myself now. It's like I'm trying to redeem my sorry little ass for the one year that went by and left me with a "what the fuck happened? what the fuck are you?" okay but that's all gone now, get past this 'climbing out of the hole' stage and start on track again. *waves mental pompoms in head*

and one one one last thing. I think i say 'fuck' too much. And i think everyone around me long enough would feel the same. If only it wasn't so much of a taboo over here though ~
fuck is such a beautiful word.
I mean, phonics wise i think it slips out of the mouth just perfect and other than that it really is the most versatile english word.
And the only F-word. You dont get A-words or E-words or anyotheralphabet-words.

right, back to referencing for my bpharm D:

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