Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another world

Here i am at macs trying very very hard to study bpharm, well i have yet to tear up my notes soooo... I'd say all's still good.

Apart from trying to make sense of shapes, ive been busying myself with.....

Drawing sparrows on weed whooohoooo! Hahaha. Okay ive done up a photoshop version of this mental image about 2 months back and only showed 2 people. And here's a finally successful hand drawn version! So to all those who wanna know what goes through my mind everytime i talk about sparrows on weed, here you go ;)

Apart from all that nonsense, somethin else has been hopping about my head like sparrows on weed... What are worlds of people who are sensory handicapped like?

There are two guys sitting a table away and communicating in sign language. It's every bit a regular conversation , the back and forth bantering , the facial expressions, the engagement... Yet, it's still so foreign to me. I'm thankful for being sensory complete, i could never imagine what it's like losing any of my senses, and i guess that's why i cant help thinking about it. I wonder if they do think about what's it like to be like me? Asking them what it's like, is pretty much like asking a pair of twins what it's like to have a twin. I don think they could give you an answer unless they have other siblings.

Right, those werent snug words for what i felt, but bpharm beckons... BAH.

And the sparrow on weed screeched

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