Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's been years since i took a walk in this park, much less actually come here for a run. I miss everything about this place, it used to be my escape, all the mornings and evenings i came by, cleared my head up, round after round, it used to have so much activity, now it's so quiet. So devoid of life, yet it's far from the tranquil i used to know , or maybe it really is just me. The same guy still runs here 4 years on though, and that's strangely comforting, it's the only thing that hasnt changed.

I've never felt happier alone than i do now, never wanted to get away this badly. I'm down to my last one, and then i'll be off.

I've been trying out all the loop holes in life, denial after denial... But all i was really doing was running away. It was a jolt today, a tightslap awake, of how stupid i've been. I'll never let myself go back to who i used to be. Selfless and stupid. This really is it, i'm moving on and so should you, the past is what it is. I'm never coming back, don't look back, because i no longer will.

And the sparrow on weed screeched

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