Sunday, September 26, 2010



Finally got my ink on saturday , got it done at Steelhearts under val's introduction and I'm really happy with it (: i think the tattooist, Edwin, was awesome ! He's not exactly your mr-friendly-sunshine but he's really nice, quiet but nice. And he's really particular about his works, zooming into perfection even for my simple script. Just a slight slanting in placement that's barely noticeable got him adjusting the stencils for 15 minutes and discussing with me which position might actually be better to fit the curvature of my body and all. Plus his studio is really gorgeous, i fell in love with the whole feel of it the moment i stepped in... I really liked how spacious and quiet it was, curtains to be drawn for privacy and all, and nice large adjustable-chair-bed thingy that was so comfy ( i was sitting and holding my shirt up in a highly uncomfortable position for 30 min for my previous one done at VO ) to lie on. I'm sold, I'm definitely going back to him for my future tattoos.

for looks on his works/ sketches and all.

The full verse cant be seen in the picture, it actually says
" Everything happens for a reason, this too shall pass"
two seperate phrases that i fell in love with and when i joined them they made perfect sense hand in hand with the way i have been learning to live my life and i'd hold true to it the whole way (:

I know that one day when i look back, the dots are all going to connect, be it good times or bad, it will all come to pass. I'd grit my teeth through the bad times and treasure all the good ones , and live with no regrets.

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