Saturday, October 30, 2010

last night was terrible, i was so stressed and tired and disappointed that i broke down at somerset and called b1 who was so sweet to comfort me the whole way :) When i finally reached work things were okay, i dint get much sales in the first couple of hours, canons were all opened and so were bottles, and then i got fucking drunk again. And for the rest of the night, all i did was hide in the toilet. I am such a fucking idiot, i let the stress get to me again. Last night should have been the day of chalking up incentives....but no, stupid me got drunk. And to add a cherry to the cake, i lost my phone. My iphone dint cost me a cent and im actually missing my cover more than the phone because the phone has started screwing up on me , but still.... buying a new one is gonna cost me. And to add whip cream to the cherry on the cake, i've hurt my back, i fell in the toilet and the old injuries are acting up. My mum isnt helping either, she goes on about ' should have done this', ' should have done that', ' if you knew you should have blah blah blah' , well, no, i did not expect any shit like that to happen so quit harping on it. See? Regret regret regret. Fuck this seriously, it has been a fucking terrible week.


  1. we're strangers i do not know you but i just happen to chance upon your blog.. cheer up! don't let sadness ruin you because the world is a lot more beautiful that your worries. you're a pretty lady with sexy eyes=)


  2. aww thank you so much (: reading that perked my day up! and i only have seemingly sexy eyes because of make up (: