Tuesday, February 15, 2011

and of words of fervent fever

I let joel into the house at 6.05am this morning expecting my mommy to half kill me since the only notification was a short little text to her ( from my room @ 5.30am haha ) going on about how my boyfriend's gonna be a sad little puppy dog cos he's locked out... oh but she was so happy to see him ! Twice she came into the room while he was sleeping soundly on my bed while i was sprawled on the floor and in a low voice said to me " He looks so cute when he sleeps ! " and " Aiyo he looks so cute if he were a baby i'll happily carry him * does rockabyebaby motion " . And she even bought food for us, ALOT of food. Damn my mommy's so sweet, sweet and adorable. I love her so much.

That aside i can't remember when was the last time someone was willing to abandon the comforts of their home to camp out at my shoddy place for hours just to accompany me while i was doing work, or to really take care of me while i'm half dead , or to jet down to my place just to sit in lecture with me , or play with all my six kitties and just... not mind me being me, and everything about me even my house. hmmm.. i don't remember wishing on a shooting star for such a sweet guy. So how did i get so lucky?

Been sick for quite a few days now, i never knew that ear drums were responsible for balance and my doctor suspects my flu virus invaded my ears. The upside, my giddy medication can be used for motion sickness! The greatest downside is how much money's gone to the doctor's in a month, about 100 ? Damn. Yep my cough is still haunting me annoying.

Just to share some good music!

And the sparrow on weed screeched.

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