Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy vday

First Valentine's a day early with me getting colours on my handmade vday card which ended with it in an explosion of water-coloured flowers and the words " Happy 1st Valentine's Sweetheart" scripted on in colour pencils. As i leave it to dry and run to the door to fling it open , I see my boyfriend with a single blue rose in his right hand coupled with a shocked face at my abrupt appearance. Just as the metal gates creak open with a slight push , he draws out two more roses from behind him and i quite positively melted whilst staring at him. I loved how delicately he held on to my handmade card and read it's contents with such a boyish grin before carefully putting it into the crinkled brown envelope that held two other lovey-store-bought cards. All these was followed by a banging lovely surprise for the both of us and out we go. Traipsing around the malls till it's time to head back for dinner and cosying around waiting for friends to pop by. Passed with the hours and bedtime arrives. My favourite time with him is always bedtime regardless of the time of day. Those moments just before we sleep when we'll talk about everything and anything all calm and relaxed till we succumb to heavy lids and finally cosy up to each other's warmth, we know the procedure. How he'll prop the pillows up because he has to sleep with double pillows, how i'll lift my head up so that his arm could slide just under my neck, how i'd sleep with my back to him safely encased in his strong arms, how i'd curl up with my face to his chest while he wraps his arms around me and how i'd always stay awake just a few moments longer than him just to watch him sleep, feel his steady breathing and thank god that he's just right by my side. The happiest moments of a couple's life are possibly those simple times... like waking up for no rhyme or reason in the middle of the night, realising that hours have passed yet you're still in the same cuddly position you guys were in hours before, or realising that through the night the both of you have contorted into weird little positions at far ends of a huge bed, but yet he's still holding on to you, even if it's in the slightest. And perhaps even how he bothers remembering all your cats' names ;)

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