Thursday, February 10, 2011

wowza tomzzz

And isn't that square device so awesome?

Are there 9 other people who would like to pool orders with me?
Or one other person who would like to buy 9 pairs?
It'll be pretty nice to save another $4 bucks :D
After much deliberation with joel over the phone we narrowed it down to black/navy canvas classics and the black natural burlap...

J : They're nice baby! Get them !
A: Do you want one ?
J: No. Prisoners wear that.
A: ( -.O ) But you just said they were nice...
J: They'll look nice on you but when guys wear them it reminds me of prison. I used to wear them in prison!
A: Oh.. so what colour should i get ! ( rattles on .... )

RAWR. my silly boyfriend.

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