Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hey There Delilah

I do adore this Hey There Delilah cover i found, my favourite so far.
And i finally got my navel pierced after lusting over it for ages, the boyfriend was really sweet to pay half because he just got his pay. Felt as though i was giving birth what with the piercer going ' Do you want to hold his hand ? ' (hahahahaha) and ' okay breathe in and out, deep breaths. They'll help. '.

The pain wasn't as bad as my monroe but the transfer was a bit of a bitch i kinda yelped. Hats off to anyone who does piercings for themselves; I could never go through the ordeal of prepping up in the knowing of the pain that I'll inflict on myself and the piercing through the flesh part. Seriously, I think tattoos are way below piercings in the pain department, if only i could finish up the ones i wanted to do ... .... ):

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