Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'd never get bored of watching joel sleep, for one it is one of the most peaceful things to watch because he always looks like he's smiling. Teeth grinding too, bad but kinda cute. My cats and pet gecko pretty much nudge him aside for space in first place of ' cutest sleeping things to look at ' . There's my gecko on my shoulder and there's me in joel's army gortex (?), trying to be kenny southpark.

Navel piercing's healing well, it's been a hectic week running about and im excited for the ad. Stressed yes, but excited nonetheless. Moneyyyy!!!!!! :D

And of course i cant wait to see how my school days will fill out. Hopefully i'll be able to work on the sides as well, i do miss powerhouse alot. My plans in the making as well :) i think waiting would do some good.

And god damnit , you know the feeling of finally getting stuff off your chest to the intended outlet even if nothing happens? It is fucking awesome. I can't believe i'd actually requested for you to get off scott free, that's two times lucky for you bitch. But between saving my ass or yours in an ultimatum, mine's to keep. oh how i'd love to see you give it another go, I'd rip your ugly head right off.

And the sparrow on weed screeched.

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