Saturday, June 12, 2010

the first kinky posssst


Firstly, YAY WELCOME! I HAVE FINALLY SHIFTED FROM AYOZICOCKROACH. Man, that was seriously ancient like sec 1 and if you read the very first few pages of the archive you get to see me in twit mode. HA.

This point in my life feels like a new beginning for me, this year was awesome to start with breaking my spell of blah but i've definitely changed over the course of the year and i think right now it's a huge change so ... new start!

Secondly, i know my bloggername is grammatically wrong in every sense but i like it like that. Whilst thinking of names, i even thought of KINKY IN A BOTTLE ~ ._.

kinkyisaimp came up cos i wanted something that was me, like i started with kinky and grew from that. And imp like the folklore kinda imp not the hell minion tyvm. If you know me well enough, kinky ( immediate sexual connotations are really not intended it's more fun side, REALLY ) and imp really do fit me.

Thirdly, my house is under construction it is in the worst state it has ever been in and that seriously sends me into anal/depressed/pekchek mode. The government is upgrading the whole block and giving us new toilets. Right now, my toilets are BARE, stripped down to nakedness even the tiles are gone. This also means, we have no water supply at home, and no proper toilet. We have a temp one, but it's shit ): and i dunno how many households it has gone through and the thought of that is just..... OKAY DONT THINK.

But the temp toilet has a showerhead and seriously, whoohoo to shower heads. Try bathing out of a hose, a shower head is seriously heaven. Other than that, it's really nothing, just a blue toilet, we're not even getting a heater. Oh well, but i hope after this whole mess in the house, once it's done up it'll finally spark something in my mum to change the state the house in. Gonna document the before and after, the toilets and all, hopefully it'll be good at the end.

9 more days without a proper toilet, 9 more days with the house in this state.
You haven seen messy if you havent seen my house.

Lastly, IT HAS BEEN AN AWESOME HOLIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY! great company, great dancing, great experiences even kohlandrouge's starting out!


my header image is really just me eating chicken.
and i like these two pics, yay to nice angles cos my face looks sharper :D


my kinky fatty :)

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