Friday, August 13, 2010



Today consisted of sleeping 18 hours, doing a huge load of laundry, trying to pack my room (still trying ) and this (: A polaroid wall. Trying to form a huge heart but obviously failing miserably because i dont have enough polaroids.

This made me realise that i dont take enough pictures with the people whom i care for and also, how much i love photos on film. My mum's always been an avid photographer of the people around her, and over the years I'd dare say that she has amassed thousands of photos and i love them all. I love flipping through the albums, admiring the photos, taking in their yellowing edges and having an instant replay of memories or what has been... it's just different when it's digital.

Maybe it's something about being tangible that makes it so much less transient.
Perhaps that's what makes me love film so much more.

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