Friday, August 13, 2010


It's 1.50pm , barely 5 hours since I hit the sacks and I'm awake. Wide awake. I'm the girl-who-sleeps-everywhere-sleeps-on-everyone-sleeps-instantly-sleeps-till-the-alarms-cry-themself-silly-and-i-still-dont-wake-up. This is plain abnormal, and it's been happening pretty frequently of late.

It's pretty much like being in a more conscious state when I'm subconscious. And no, this isn't one of those weird mindfucking thoughts or any after effects of watching Inception. It's like i could be dreaming, totally asleep and somewhere for some reason slips in a thought, some worrisome nitprick, and i jolt awake in an instant. And stay awake.

I've got a sack load of thoughts just crawling about in my mind at the moment, i believe my newfound sleeping problem isn't going to be gone soon.

I never thought I'll ever say this, but I'm starting to fall in love with alcohol. Maybe it's because I'm a happy high, the moment alcohol gets in my system and takes effects... the world becomes a better place. hahaha yea right, lame excuse for an escape. Then again, maybe it's the excuse that I have to be so absolutely uninhibited and happy and friendly that i truely love, that i don't have a reason to be sad, to show anything else other than :D.... this.

Whichever way, it's still pretty sad. Ironic huh?

That aside, imma show the world the best damned things that ever happened to me since i stepped into vet tech ( surprise surprise ! ).


There are just so many reasons to justify the above, above statement but i shall compile all my thoughts, sobworthy emotions into 5 short words.

Where else can you find friends crazy enough to wear an ethnic costume to school just cos it's the last week of school or friends crazy enough to do last week of school momento piercings for you in the toilet and in ITAS? Nowhere else and they're mine muahahahaha <3
So here's evidence of our last week of insanity.


Timecheck 2.57 pm, i have work in 4 hours. I'm going to bathe and scoot out of the house.
I love my family a hell lot, but this is just one of the days when i would prefer them when they're sleeping :D

Do you still highlight my posts? (: if yes, here's a little prize for you.
It's day 5 and i love you.
I wonder how you're doing, i wonder what you're doing i wonder how's work, how's everything.
I miss hugging you, i sleep holding hands with you as we sleep.
360 days more to go, I'm keeping the faith.

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