Thursday, September 9, 2010

shaking nails in your head and nailing you to my shaky heart

Sooooo, today was meant to be the day of freedom whereby i praise the higher being and kiss the ground in thanks that i'm free from sofa king boring bpharm... But NO. fuck you bloody migraines.

I swear they get worse every single time, it used to be just 1) pounding head 2) nausea 3) puke 4) feel better, then it went to 1) pounding head 2) nausea 3) puke 4) pounding head 5) feel better, now its 1) pounding head 2) nausea 3) puke 4) pounding head 5) puke 6) pounding head 7) photosensitivity ( wtf ?! ) .

So my plans to wake up at 4 , study till paper, pass the paper, burn notes became wake up at 4, study till 6, migraine, eat two doses of meds, lie awake on bed feeling like shit with the curtains drawn and the bloody construction pounding on. perfect right?

But chilling with nina and gordon made me feel so so so much better, I'm gonna miss this ): Chilling out sessions, with absolutely nothing of worry, senseless banter that makes perfect sense to us and calmness, i always feel calm around them. Nina will be packed off to australia and gordy to something-polis and me here in tampines D: it's gonna be a BAH 3 months, no words to describe it.

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heehee i love this pic, i look like crap but doesn nina just look absolutely adorable (?) and we look so in love <3 width="480" height="385">

here you go nina! two vids (: the ine in the black pants and top in the first vid and the one in the black top and white pants in the second, these two are ancient tho like 3 years back.

Right, good day :)

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