Monday, October 25, 2010

mechanics of life


Life never fails to catch me but surprise, it's amazing. Rewind 48 hours or so back and i was hugging the toilet bowl for 2 hours, snoring on the toilet floor from all the sake and having someone climb in through the window to unlock the toilet door .___. then another 24 hours later i'm watching discovery channel about bermudas, voodoos, cooking french toast and scrambled eggs while all these terrible thoughts run through my mind. Just hours ago, i was crumbled on my bed on the verge of just... slumping in on life again. And fast forward a few hours later, here i am in front of my comp, typing this entry and having this bright shiny goal in sight. Waaaaay far off from what i imagine, think a 100 folds better, and feeling like a new lease of life has really started. Hahaha, it's overwhelming, really, double S's for double the luck huh (:

And major love to my dearest saburiii <3 for being there, always always, the most understanding girl i have ever met.
And for now, time for some thrashing out, i no longer like such things hanging, it's now i waste of time for me.
Sweet dreams.

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