Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plasters to mend

Wednesday was pretty much a double whammy for me, the realisation sinks in at work and it hurts like a crab pinching at my heart and i get cut by a broken rock glass.... Great.

So with heart and hand both wounded, i continue with work in a thunder-faced daze, man i wanted to just whack every annoying bugger out of the way, definitely not one of the best days at work. I cant function completely sober at work, and i did for 4 hours zomg i nearly went nuts.

Ahhh but yesterday was goood ^^ first i met my awesome gordy and then reggae was a blast and finally i watched a stupid ass movie but the small little gift above ended the day perfectly. Plasters to mend both my heart and hand, big fat hugs and thank yous to Smellie :)

And im keeping the plasters in my momento box. I still remember that about a year back i was bawling my eyes out outside asc, my ex pri school mate walked past and then came back with tissue. I still have the tissue wrapper haha. I hope today will be just as good as yesterday :)

And the sparrow on weed screeched

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