Thursday, November 11, 2010



so here i am 1:36am just back from reggae, god i'm so drained out. Training today was insane , i haven perspired so much in MONTHS. But it was good, considering my lifestyle now, and being able to last through the whole training, i give myself a huge pat on the back. IT IS A FUCKING AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT.

Right and the first person i talk to when i'm back , is Farid on skype, the pictures alone are enough. Totally made my bad day much better (:

I digress, but i thought alot today, in between the hugging my cats and crying part. I'm prepared for anything that could come now, how it all might end and all, definitely not holding my hopes up. I mean, it's been one too many occurrences, one after another. Human nature? Or just my luck? Sometimes i think it runs in the family and i'm fucking jinxed. I hope my prayers to my grandpa do come through, i've never ever depended on anyone to make my life right before. Or more like stop it from going wrong. I'm crossing my fingers.

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