Friday, November 19, 2010



3 shows and i've got to nail every single one of them. My first performance after this year's dry spell and i will fucking ace it.

That aside, I'm actually all welled up with emotions. It's been 3 years since my love affair with reggae started, the one genre that i rarely fumble with memorising steps and timing and the one i feel most at ease at, it's also the first genre that brought me into street dance.

It's the first time i'm dancing with a reggae group that feels so together, it's just slightly overwhelming and i know when those curtains close for a last time on sunday i'm gonna be bawling my eyes out. It's been a short few months, but i've learnt so much from the whole group, and carol esp who has been a wonderful mentor and inspiration.

That said, it also marks another year gone by.
It has been one crazy , crazy year.

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