Monday, December 13, 2010

close that door.

I'm leaving this little space soon, it's a new start for me this time. Again.
I know what anyone who's been reading this post and following my entries would think,
"AGAIN?!" yep. Again.

I dont need a long time to tell, just these 2 days was enough. Jumping to conclusions and all, i don't know what's been circulating, what's been going through minds, what assumptions have been made. And neither do i care anymore, because my conscience is clear as crystal. I know my faults, definitely, but i also know what's right and what's wrong. What i should and should not do, what is for best and what is for worst.

I'm just looking forward to breaking the taboo :)
Thursday for the tests to be over, my two week break, and freedom. Finally.

And just to share this really sweet song that i heard.

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