Monday, December 13, 2010

When words are put down in black and white, things can get sad. Because the person's not there to see the other's expression, to hear the tone of their voice and to feel what's really going on. They take what they see, flee with the loose pieces and fill in the gaps with what they believe is true. Misconstrued? Maybe. Misunderstood? Maybe. Misled? Maybe. Misinterpreted? Maybe.

Sigh. I know what they all mean, i'm not dumb.
But before assumptions are made, has anyone ever been able to pinpoint and be so sure of what i've been writing about? No. What could mean this to me, could mean that to you. It may seem this way to you, what are you so sure it's exactly what i mean? When you look down into a pool, it seems so much shallower than it really is, it's a matter of perspective and if you trust your assumptions, you might drown if you can't swim. It would have caught on regardlessly, how bittersweet.

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