Sunday, March 13, 2011

3.58 in the morning...

I'm just done packing my room and I started at 11.oopm. That clocks in at 5 hours but considering the state of chaos my room was in before, I am wonderful. Seriously, there was barely space for me to walk, I had to hop from one tiny empty space to another tiny space to another tiny space to manoeuvre through my room. And yes, not much tiny space for me to hop either. Staring at my fruits of labour makes me so happy I could hop around in circles clapping my hands in glee. The best part of it? MY WARDROBE IS NEAT. NO MORE TEARING THROUGH EVERYTHING TO FIND SOMETHING AGAIN. Keep it that way audrey, keep it that way.

Some Eagles to start off the week...

(just realised the wrong video's been up ._. this is the correct one)
And this gorgeous pas de deux . WOW, like seriously, WOW. I always wanted to dance with my partner and sadly or fortunately, I've never had the chance to do so. So far the best that baby and i have done, is training taekwondo kicks and doing seperate dance styles at the same time.oh well,



Good night! It's gonna be 7 hours of dance for me later.

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