Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fuck you hotmail

As much as my icky_zee_zee hotmail is lame since way back in pri 4... I DO STILL LOVE IT VERY MUCH. And the inconveniences i'd have to bear when i get a new one PFFFFFFT. stupid, stupid spam, stupid spam maker. Now i'll have to wait for mr goh to save my sorry little ass when he's back because nothing i'm doing is working ... and i'm on the verge of pounding my laptop DEAD.

awww my boyfriend is so adorable ( >_< ) ! He just called and i love it when he does it

J: baby i can't sleeeep ( drawly whiny voice )
A: whhhhyyy?
J: cos i miss yooou and you're not here for me to hugggg.

SO FREAKING ADORABLE AND SWEEET ! sigh, now i wish he were here to hug me ):

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