Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nightmares and Beauty


I woke up to the worst nightmare this afternoon, thankfully in the arms of Joel to whom i gasped an exasperated" Oh my god" to . The words of each painful detail rushed out of me, just like my tears. The nightmare was so real and the ache i felt in it was so unimaginably unbearable, an emotion so strong and dreaded , nothing I've ever felt in the waking could compare. But i woke up. The first crack of eye to the rays streaming into my room, the first face that i saw and it sank in " It was only just a dream ". Ironic it was that the face to torment me in my dreams, was the one to soothe me in reality.

Ironic, hauntingly beautiful it is... how dreams can feel so real, how reality can feel so surreal.

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