Thursday, April 7, 2011


So a few things have changed since i last wrote here. I completed my exams, i got a pet gecko, i got my new specs, i had my journey with GEMS 6, i broke my chuzzle high score, i saw sleeping chuzzles, i got my results ( still have to retake bpharm but im actually looking forward to it ) , and joel and i are another month older.

Alot of feelings i have, post GEMS but im leaving that for some other time. And alot of feelings i have, for failing bpharm again. I get numb to failing after these 3 years, not just studies but anything else i consider a personal failure, but im just glad im not used to it. And thank god i passed the rest! I pray i can proceed smoothly with my attachment still! It was so good that when i broke the news of results to myself , joel was there and there to tell me ' c'mere you need a hug' . I love hugs, they soothe me.

As you can see, my boyfriend busied himself while i was peacefully hugging his pillow and was obviously trying to suppress a giggle in the first blurry shot ._. Good night!

And the sparrow on weed screeched.

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