Monday, December 27, 2010



It's been quite a bit for me till now , I'm doing fine , pretty awesome in fact. Considering options here and there, nothing set in stone, still a miasma in the couple of tumbles ahead... but i guess that's what i like about everything now. New year in a bit, time just whizzed past this year, kind of scares the shit out of me the way it is. But wow, it's been a year? I still remember the first blog entry i entered for 2010, how my countdown was like, how my year started, nearly almost every detail, every notion every motion, at every way. And now POOF, it's all gone. Madness.

I'll save the annual wrap up post for another time, it's been one crazy year. As the new year rolls in it's time to bid farewell to my good friend, sampoerna. It's 2.20am now, i feel the need to talk to someone, not upset just moody but then again, it's 2.20 am... I'll be a tad of an insensitive asshole if i wake someone up to talk about well, i dont know what as well. Just moody. The thoughts are floating about in my head like clouds, kinda changing all the time. Here's where my dear little sampoerna sits by me and comforts me , what a scent really, I'm so going to miss you. Company best enjoyed at moments like this.

Why am i up now? MBIO. SIGH. It's hard to be motivated in school when everything's irrelevant to what i want in the future. Hasty choice of course when i was still ermmmm ... affected. Do i regret it? Nah. I'm glad how everything turned out, what i learnt in life in this 3 years and every step of the way, people i've met. Then there's now, i finally know what it feels like to be happy. I've never felt this way before, to just live for the present for what i have, it's always been the mad rumbling with the past, present and future. And now, it's just NOW. You have no idea how long i've been searching for this moment, i thought i'd never find it.

Well, sweet dreams.

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